StreetSoccer World Championship 2016 and Prediction Game about the UEFA European Championship

Announcement and Registration in the BSW Forum:  >>>click here<<<

Overall Price Money by now: 601'111


/channel SoccerWM

Time frame: Until we're finished. Holiday times will be respected. When you're on holiday, we'll take that into account - we're not in a hurry.

Deadlines of 10-14 days will be set when the tournament is slowing down and no one is on holiday anymore.



As the UEFA European Championship begins, once again our StreetSoccer Tournaments start as well.


Every correct tip on a matchday in France qualifies you to take part in a StreetSoccer-Tournament. to ensure you have at least 2 matches to tip on, we combine some matchdays.

For example the opening match of June 10th is combined with the matches of June 11th. Same goes with Quarterfinals and Semifinals + Finals.


For an overview of the tournaments you take part in, there's a submenu of "soccer-turniere-tournaments" in the navigation bar that shows who is playing which tournaments.


Prediction Game

Register >>>here<<<

to make your tips!

For the Icon-Awarding it is necessary to make tips for all games.



Fill in all your tips for all encounters including the Play-offs to make sure you won't forget to tip on the Round-of-16, the Quarter- and Semifinals and the Finals.


You can change your tips at any time until the match starts.




Guaranteed Icon-win

If you play and finish all tournaments, you'll get an icon for sure!

Not all Soccer tournaments, just all you're qualifed for. And all Additional Tournaments.


One Icon will be drawn among the participants on each matchday. The players who finish all tournaments they're qualified for will take part in that lottery.

 In Addition 30% of all players who didn't win an icon through the above conditions will get an icon in a last lottery.

Additional Tournaments

The first 4 places win a gold, silver, bronze and leather "moving"-icon.

When there are 32 or more participants, places 1 to 8 will win that. These icons will stay in your player-information until the next Football World- or European-Cup.


For each completed tournament, you get 2 icon-lots for the main-lottery.


Medal Table

The first 3 of the Overall Medal Table will get a gold, silver and bronze icon. Position 4-6 will get a participation-icon.

Playing time

Make individual appointments for your matches with your opponents. You can do that by tell, in our channel or by PM in the BSW-forum. You can also use the puppet "Brieftaube" to get in contact by:

"/tell Brieftaube post für YourOpponentsName ...........your message............ " Your Opponent will then get your message in a tell-window as soon as he comes online.


Fixed playing times:

- to be announced -



Additional Tournaments

The tournaments will be held in groups of 4 up to 6 players.

The modus is a round-robin-tournament with Bo3-, Bo5- or Bo9-matches (depending on the tournament).

In tournaments with different games, the order of the games will be drawn.

The 1st and 2nd of each group will reach the following play-offs. The match for 3rd will be held too.


You have to set a result option in your games. You find the settings to be made on the related tournament site on top - right below the title.

A prop-file with all resultoptions etc. will added as soon as possible.


Please try to play your matches quickly. Matches that slow down the tournament might get a deadline, set by the tournament manager.

There will be fixed playing times:

Please try to be online on these suggested 2 days/week to increase the chance to meet your opponents and play your matches early. Of course every other time is allowed to play too.

Price money

We're still looking for sponsors.

Prediction Game

1st place 20'000

2nd place 12'000

3rd place   8'000

4th place   5'000

5th place   3'000

6th place   2'000



Soccer-tournaments (18) 

1st place   2'000

2nd place 1'200

3rd place    800

4th place    600

Additional tournaments (6-7) 40% of the absolute price money

1st place    8'000

2nd place  6'000

3rd place   4'000

4th place   2'000


Medal table 

1st place   8'000

2nd place 6'000

3rd place  4'000

4th place  2'000


There's no guarantee for this distribution. It's our first approach on how to devide the price money.